Psychicwear is a streetwear gender neutral fashion label founded by Taranveer Singh. Psychicwear was launched in the year 2022 with the main motive of portraying the art created by founder. The graphic prints and the fashion is all created by the founder himself and the fabrics are top notch.
Taran did his research and development in different cities well known for fabrics and came out with the best fabrics which are perfect for this streetwear niche.

"The interest of starting this brand was in my mind since my childhood. I was amazed by the craftsmanship designers had put into clothing and it developed my interest towards HYPEBEAST and streetwear culture .The best part about Streetwear community is that they value art and know it’s worth -Taranveer"

This brand launches its very limited quantity for quality audience.

Art can never be compared .